How does bidding work?
You do a ONE TIME SETUP of an account with Spencer Group Auctions. You will supply us with your contact information: name, address, phone, etc..
You may bid as an individual or you may have your Real Estate Agent bid for you. There are separate registration pages for individuals and agents.
A Real Estate Agent who bids for you will receive a 1% sales commission on the transaction if yours is the winning bid.
You should read and agree to all material contained HERE prior to bidding.
When you register you are assigned a Bidder ID number. That number will be sent to the email address you provided at setup. To bid you login with that number and your email address.
You may bid as often as you want. There is NO CHARGE TO BID. Each time you bid you will receive an email confirmation of the bid amount and date.
On the auction's ending date (cutoff date) we contact the high bidder with directions on how to proceed in making payment.
The winning bidder will pay a $500 flat fee. The fee may be paid with a certified check and must be received by us within 3 business days.
The $500 fee you pay will be applied to the down payment amount.
The full down payment amount is 10% of the Sale price and will be due upon contract signing with Ronnie Spencer. All monies are non-refundable.

Are You Ready?

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